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    Functionality in Lr6 is crashing and massively reduced.

    tony L-D

      I have been working with Lr for a number of years and recently upgraded from Lr5 to Lr6. All seemed well until a couple of days ago when trying to work in develop module I noticed functionality e.g. when cropping no right mouse click (RMC) to allow pre-sets to be accessed or the default sizes. Also when in 'basic' module no access to the fundamentals. Access to files is restricted. No change in activity and if I revert to Lr5 ALL functionality is good. I am a technical dinosaur and do not want to do anything which will lose files. I import all files to an external hard-drive and have an airport time capsule to do regular backups.

      Is there a way to get this looked at or does anyone have suggestions as to what needs to be done. Have tried purging cache.

      thank you in advance.....Please help.