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    after effects issue CC particle world.


      i have particle world now and it keeps spawning the particles random on the screen but i want them to spawn at the bottom and dissolve again at the top like i have in 1 of my older videos: Basslovers United - Miku From Outta Space - YouTube    ive been struggling pretty hard finding the option but cant seem to find it for some reason. 


      i hope to get some feedback soon!

      thank you for your time!

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          bogiesan Level 4

          Particles are really, really hard. If you start twirling the disclosure triangles on Particle World you will get an idea of what yo need to be able to adjust and control if you want to be able to use PW for more than the most fundamental things.


          Use the After Effects Help system to search for the CC effects. Eventually you will end up here where you can download some projects and read super-complicated tutorials:






          Resources for Cycore FX (CC) effects


          CycoreFX HD (1.7.1) is included in the installation of After Effects CC and CS6. There is 16-bpc support in all effects, and 32-bpc (float) support in 35 effects. Included are 12 additional plug-ins. CycoreFX HD plug-ins have support for motion blur, lights, more controls, and options.

          This video by Todd Kopriva and video2brain introduces the new Cycore effects and improved color bit depth. You will learn how to apply a couple of these effects and see what it means to use different bit depths.

          Documentation—including tutorials and example projects—for the Cycore FX (CC) plug-ins is available on the Cycore website.

          Alan Shisko provides a video tutorial on the ProVideo Coalition website that demonstrates the use of the CC RepeTile effect.

          Bob Donlon provides the following tutorial about the CC Particle Systems II effect on the Adobe website:



          Eran Stern provides a video tutorial on his website that demonstrates the CC Particle System II and CC Mr. Mercury effects.