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    organizer 14 log on, bad file starting form adobe, orange line above timeline.


      Good Day, a couple of days into an edit with no change to footage coming in. I lost access to organizer and footage pulled right out of a computer file would have a orange line over it on time line and be visual distorted. One of the things i tried was on the loading screen have it open right to editor, but now my only way to organizer brings up a message ( editor low left tab) saying i have the program already open (editor is open organizer is not) i  rebooted the comp and the organizer worked to bring in one chunk of new footage but after that back to not working. I can play and see all footage in windows video player and the icons of the videos in the media and organizer files looks normal, i have to get file to time line to see if it will work. What is the fix for this.

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          What version of Premiere Elements, Elements Organizer, and what computer operating system?


          What are the properties of the files that you are bringing to the Premiere Elements Timeline. Giving us the Brand/Model/Settings for the camera that recorded the video will probably give us the information that we need on that.


          What is the project preset for the project (either set by you manually or the project automatically) to match the properties of the source files?


          Close Premiere Elements Editor and Elements Organizer. If Windows, go to Start Task Manager and make sure that the .exe files for the Premiere Elements Editor and Elements Organizer are not running under Task Manager/Processes.


          Then...import your source from its hard drive save location into a new Premiere Elements Editor project. Does it import?

          Then...close Premiere Elements, open the Elements Organizer, import your source video, right click it, select Edit with Premiere Elements Editor, does the file open correctly in Premiere Elements Editor?

          Then, in Premiere Elements Editor, go to Add Media/Elements Organizer and import the file from the Elements Organizer to the Premiere Elements project. Does that work?


          Let us start here and use the above information as our baseline. With that information, we will then decide what next. Any questions, please ask.


          Thank you.