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    Creating page anchor for navigation (Table of Contents)

      I'm trying to use Flex 3 to create an article viewer. Basically, the flash simply has a TextArea (around 500x800 px)and it will contains htmlText content with hundreds of lines of text. One thing I'm trying to achieve in this article viewer is a Table Of Content. I'm wondering if there's a way to navigate (scroll) the text according to the Table Of Content, much like in html page anchor (using <a href="#article1">Go to Article 1</a> and the anchor tag <a name="article1"/>). Preferably, I'd like to have a bunch of anchor links on my html page, and when a user clicks on one of those links, the flash article viewer will automatically scroll to the desire position.

      Is there a way to achieve such a thing? If not, is there any other approach for me to navigate inside a TextArea (or any other component) in Flex without using paging?