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    RGB to CMYK Problems (Pantone Problems Too)

    alexandrar36123945 Level 1

      The company I work for used a branding agency well before I started and they created a logo and color values. The color values are drastically wrong. The RGB colors seem to be right, but they don't match the CMYK colors which never print correctly. What is the best way to identify the correct CMYK colors that will print consistently at commercial printers? The major problem we have is with a purple color, but it also occurs across the other values. The Pantone value they gave us is a "PMS CP" value.


      I've used various different apps/have tried to match in InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator to see if I can come to some sort of solution, but nothing seems to work.


      Also, the RGB color they gave us does not fall in the "websafe" range. Everything I'm reading makes this seem irrelevant, but would like to know if that is still consistent.