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    InDesign Index Subtopics to Topics


      I am using the most recent version of InDesign to create an index for a 400 page history book.


      I have created a topic of Publications, with all of the various titles in the book listed as subtopics under Publications


      I now need to remove them as subtopics and turn them into their own main Topic.


      For example, right now I have TOPIC: Publications --> SUBTOPIC: BBC


      This needs to change to TOPIC: BBC


      Is there a way to do this without going in and redoing each one (replacing deleting Publication from the main sort box and moving BBC up)?


      Thank you!

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          maguskrool Level 1

          Hi, did you get a solution for your problem? I have a similar situation. I'm using Id 2017.0 on macOS 10.11.6.


          I have a topics that need to become subtopics. I had already indexed all of them before my client asked for this change.


          For example:

          Topics: Tech, Computers, Science, and now I need Computers to be a subtopic of Tech.


          On the Index panel, I tried dragging the topics and subtopics, the references... Nothing worked.