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    Fonts with HTML text in TextArea boxes

    MacGyver_971 Level 1

      I'm trying to embed and display a font style with text in a TextArea component, that is receiving text formatted as HTML using Actionscript. It's a mouthful, but essentially, the code explains it all:

      textbox.setStyle("borderStyle", "none");
      textbox.backgroundColor = 0xeeeeee;
      textbox.drawFocus = null;
      textbox.focusTextField = null;
      textbox.vPosition = 0;
      textbox.border = false;
      textbox.wordWrap = true;
      textbox.html = true;
      textbox.text = "<font face='Tw Cen MT' size='13' color='#999999'><b>current news</b><br><br>Mar 05<br> ..... blah blah.... </font>";

      The font I'd like to use is Tw Cent MT. I'd actually created another dynamic text box offscreen, with the font outlines embedded, however, the Font doesn't actually embed properly.

      Any suggestions? I've tried the suggestion posted at this link, but it only works with dynamically created text fields. I want to populate an existing TextArea with formatted text.