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    NAS connection


      Guys, I need help/assistance.


      Couple of days ago I've moved my old pictures to my Synology NAS, I've done this by dragging the folders within LR from my iMac to the picture folder on my NAS. The reason for this was to clean up disk space on my iMac. Everything worked perfectly, all folders and old pictures were moved and I could actually see them within my catalog in LR. This morning I started my NAS and iMac, wanted to work an these old pictures but now, I can't see the NAS and folders in my folder structure within LR. I'm looking for a way to "reconnect" my NAS to LR, I'm able to connect to the NAS through Finder and I can see all the pictures.


      I've seen the link: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders but it seems this can only be used when you actually see the external location (although not active). And yes, I've read that by dragging the folders within LR is not the best advice, lesson learned.


      Can someone help me out here please ?