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    Grids Basics in Indesign - LOCKED


      Having no formal training as a graphic designer (and only a few weeks of Indesign experience), I've been reading about grid systems and their importance in graphic design and layout. I've been tasked with the graphic design of a business report, but am quite confused as to which grid I should use in Indesign to arrange my graphics and text elements. I thought I should start with an nxm (say, 6x6) grid on an A4 page, and the grid should be only within the 1 inch margins I set. Should I use the margins and columns, or the document grid to do this?


      If I use a document grid, the entire page area would be included in the grid (with no space for margins). If I use the margins and page layout to create the grid, I can create the 6 columns along with the page margins easily, but then I don't know how to incorporate the horizontal grid lines.


      1) Is there a way to shift the document grid such that the major grid lines match up with the margin markings?


      2) Should I be relying on both the document grid and the margin markings to layout the graphics and text? Or do designers just pick one or the other?


      3) Do report graphic designers even worry about horizontal grid lines? Most of the Indesign tutorials about magazine design I found online don't mention setting up horizontal gridlines (I'm not talking about the baseline grid), but then there are some other tutorials that do set up the horizontal gridlines too (but then they use a lot less text).


      4) Is it possible to get Indesign to put in horizontal gridlines in the same way that the columns are marked out using the margins and columns feature?