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    Can I make a digital composite in Lightroom?


      Help! This is probably really simple to answer. I want to combine / merge or layer, 2 uniquely different images into one . I would like to be able to adjust the opacity and image attributes and color of the overlay (or under layer). Problem: I do not have photoshop (lost PS5 serial #) so I can't switch between applications. Also, the image adjustments I want to make are pretty basic so I don't need thousands of settings to choose from to get my desired result.

      System: Mac 10.10.5

      Running: LR5

      I want to avoid renting the LR / PS cloud upgrade as my needs are very basic.

      I've been searching all over the web and found LR Enfuse and OnOne Photo Perfect Layers but I'm open to current plug in ideas. Please advise...

      Thanks ~