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    I have problem to open my purchased books (from konobooks, ebookmall, etc) after a disk crash & reinstalling of ADE. Please sent me a e-mail to tell you more detail about the problem


      Dear Sir or Madam
      I ' ve purchased a lot of e-books from a number of suppliers (Ebookmall, cobobooks, etc), like the one attached. All these were readable through the services of Adobe Digital Editions(pdf & epub format).Unfortunately I had a disk crash in summer & I retrieved many of my archives, including the e-books , which i' ve purchached, through data recovery. After that I have try to open the above book through ADE 4.5 but it appeared a message like the one attached.Exactly the same message appears in all efforts to open similar e-books like the one attached.In the same time I' ve use my lap-top to open my e-books , using ADE 3.0. Regarding this process , the ADE system requires authorisation & after that , it began to load the book. However , even after the competion of the loading bar, the systen is not able to load the book.
      As i 've spent a lot of money for these books, all the time using the good services of Adobe Digital Editions, I like to have, please , a solution regarding my problems. I can't attach the ebook-sample. Furthemore i can't authorize my Deckstop ADE , because the system tells thai I use the same e-mail & password in other devise (my laptop)

      Yours Faithfully

      Spanos Christos