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    Lightroom CC Not allowing view or import of Video

    fkick Level 1

      Hi, I recently installed lightroom CC on to my new Mac (10.11.2) and I'm unable to import video files (mp4, m4v, mov, avi) into lightroom as I have been able to do in the past on my other machines. Lightroom just hangs. I'm running the most recent version of lightroom.


      Any help would be appreciated!



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          I can confirm I have the same issue running Lightroom 6.3 on MBP with OSX 10.11.2.  Furthermore, I can't view video files already in my LR catalog that were imported with my previous version of LR4.


          It appears to be related to the LR setting for using the graphics coprocessor on the Mac.  When I went to Preferences -> Performance and disabled "Use Graphics Coprocessor" and restarted LR the videos play fine again.  Interestingly, when I re-enabled use of the graphics coprocessor, the videos are still working OK, even after restarting LR.