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    How do I get a refund on a subscription to Adobe Stock


      Dear Adobe,


      I would like to lodge a complaint with you in regards to the appalling customer service I have received from you and your team over the past few weeks. I have been trying for three weeks now to get a refund on a subscription to Adobe Stock, that to my knowledge was not active. I have been charged £100 for your adobe stock service over the past four months, a service that I have not used ONCE and believed was cancelled after a couple of days using the trial service back in September!


      I am aware that I signed up to a trial of this service, so after a couple of days of using the product went to the 'Manage Subscriptions' section of my account to cancel my trial where upon I was told by Adobe's website that I had 'No Active Subscriptions' so, assuming this was an opt-in subscription, did not take this any further. Fast forward to December and my bank statements are showing that I have now been charged nearly £100 (approx £24 per month) by Adobe for the courtesy of service I WASN'T EVEN GIVEN AN OPTION TO CANCEL!!! Having now escalated this case 3 times to your senior management team over the telephone (none of whom have got back to me via email or phone as promised by numerous managers in the department - I have had to call back each of the three times to find out what the resolution is - terrible!!) I have been told I will not get a refund on any of the payments that have been taken from my account!!


      Your customer service has been abysmal, I have been ignored with scripted responses that don't even take into account what I have said, I have been promised three call backs from the senior management team and not received a single one and have now wasted almost 2 hours of my time on the phone to a customer service team who may as well have been an automated response message...!!


      This has completely tarnished my view of Adobe as a company and, working in a creative design industry, will be making as many people as possible aware of this disappointing stereotypically corporate experience.....