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    turning head


      i want to turn my character head from front to his left side and blow air from the mouth.


      i have created a single front face vector,


      now how to do this .. i dont know 



      please helpprob2.jpg

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you might wanna find a tutorial on traditional 2D animation. Aside from creating the right keyframes at the right time this has very little to do with AE.



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            Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

            It's just a matter of an opacity crossfade.  For what I do I usually use 3 frames with a one frame over lap.  That's the front head fading out over three frames and the side head fading in over three frames starting on the second frame of the front heads three frame fade out.  If you don't like the cross fade then you probably want one or two more drawings (in-betweens).  Then just line them up, one frame each.  


            For the air blowing I would take advantage of AE's tools and use stroked paths with the trim paths effect.

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              gauravs32869234 Level 1


              and for turning face to left, i need to make 3 vector faces of FRONT, IN BW, AND LEFT SIDE???


              for blowing aIR .. i again have to draw a vector with "O-shaped mouth"???

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                gauravs32869234 Level 1

                ok 1 more thing google also showing this post ref... i m uploading tooo.new-years-eve-2015-5985438795825152-hp.gif