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    AS2.0 For Loop Help

      It's been a while for me, I use to be very fluent in AS2.0, but I have walked away from it (mostly do PHP, Java, C#, VB now), but I'm getting back into the flash thing and I need help dynamically creating a variable name to work with. I remember I use to know how to do it, but alas, my knowledge is gone.

      Basic issue: I have some movie clips with some unique identifies within each of them, that I need to access in a for loop. Example:

      ... etc

      So basically I'm writing a for loop that will allow me to access each in the for loop. I thought about rewriting the program with an array, but it's a bunch of code.

      So every loop i need to create something like this:

      "myMovieClip" + (i+1) + "_mc"

      Please jog my memory on this subject. Thanks a lot.