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    How to copy and paste keyframes?

    adityasinghania Level 1

      My animation consists of a stick figure walking. Id like to reuse my previous keyframes so that it would be easier to make him walk instead of consistently making the rotation same and just changing the position.

      Version: After Effects CC (2015)

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          squidkings Level 1

          I find the  quickest way is to drill down the layer with the keyframes and rubberband select the desired keyframes then put the playhead where you want them and paste with contl v or menu.

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            adityasinghania Level 1

            I'm sorry, I did not understand what you are trying to say. I tried the copy and paste method and it just leads to it copying all the individual layers again also. If you would be willing to skype I would really appreciate it.

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              dcfreelancelot Level 2

              If you have a walk cycle consisting of multiple layers, rather than copying and pasting keyframes for each layer, it might be easier to keyframe just one walk cycle, then precompose your layers, loop the precomp, and then animate the position property of the looped precomp.


              Here's how:


              1. In your Timeline Panel, select all the layers that make up your stick figure and precomp them -- Layer > Precompose (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C).


              2. With your new precomp selected, enable time remapping -- Layer > Time > Enable Time Remapping (Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + T).


              3. Alt+Click the stopwatch next to your Time Remap property to enable expressions for the precomp layer.


              4. In the expressions field located beneath your two keyframes for the Time Remap property, enter the following expression then press the enter key on your numeric keypad or click in a blank area in the timeline:




              5. Extend the out-point of your precomp to your desired duration.


              6. Animate the position property of your precomp to match the natural movement of the walk cycle (this takes a little trial and error to get just right).

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                squidkings Level 1

                Its really simple. Drill down means to click the layer's atribute with the keyframes you want to copy you must see the keyframs you want to copy. Rubberband the keyframes you wish to copy. (means use the mouse click and hold and stretch the highlites of the keyframes) Copy the highlighted keyframes keyboard or menu. Move playhead to where you want to paste the keyframes then paste keyboard or menu. Sorry I dont skype.