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    I keep double clicking on the icon and nothing happens.


      Everywhere I go, it keeps saying my Flash Player is an old version and needs to be updated, and is vulnerable.  I click on "download" the executive file is on my desktop, I double click on it as required, and nothing happens.  I've done this numerous times, and tried everything available therein, and still nothing.


      Anybody got a fix?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee


          What OS version (including service pack installed, if any) is this on?  What browser?




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            Hi Maria,


            I have same problem too...i've downloaded the file to update flash so many times, both from Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions & Flash Player for Firefox - NPAPI , but the Flash Player's ADM installer not launching at all. When i double-clicked on the file, nothing happen.

            I tried to uninstall it from my PC, then i installed flash v again.

            I've read about installation problems on Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows 7 and earlier and i think maybe the reason why it's not open on my PC because of a certificate problem (as mentioned at point 8), but i'm confused because my OS version is Windows XP SP 2.

            I compared the digital signature of the flash installer v & v, the result of v 20 is shown at the pic below :

            while the result of v 19 is shown at the pic below :

            Here is my system information :

            • Operating system version : Windows XP SP 2
            • Web browser and version : Firefox 43.0.4
            • Flash Player version :


            Please help me & thank you so much Maria.

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              maria__ Adobe Employee



              The online installer (ADM) uses SHA256 signature which Windows XP SP1 and SP2 do not support SHA256, so it won't work on those systems..


              It is my understanding that the offline installer you link to should work on XP SP1 & SP2.  I actually don't have access to one of these systems (only XP SP3), so I haven't tested it out myself.  Others who do have access to these systems have informed me it works.


              Alternatively, you can configure your system for either background updates or notification updates to have your system updated automatically.  Background updates generally updates your system within 24 hours of a release (as long as it's connected to the internet).  Notification updates takes a bit longer to update as Flash first needs to check for an update (occurs when Flash content is being viewed) and sets a registry entry to display the notification update after the system is rebooted or the user logs off /on.  Due to this, background updates are recommended over notification updates.  To modify the update options on your system, do the following (administrator permissions are required):


              1. Go to Control Panel (ensure Classic View is set)
              2. Select Flash Player item
              3. Go to the Updates tab
              4. Select the radio button for the update option of your choice.


              Again, background updates (Allow Adobe to install updates option) is recommended as it's the quickest way to have the system update Flash Player after a release.