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    crop dimensions not holding on export

    Teri Bloom Level 1


      I'm working in LR4.4 and have a confounding situation with output cropping, and don't think I'm doing anything wrong.


      Need photos exported with dimensions 450 pixels wide and 475 pixels high so have done custom cropping with 4.5 x 4.75 dimensions.

      When I go to export with these dimensions using either "height-width" or  "dimension"  in the export detail area -- half the time I'm getting images at 450x475 but other times its giving me photos 450 wide x 426 high.

      There doesn't seem to be any reason or rhyme for some images only being 426 pixels high when its set up for 475 pixels high.

      Most of the time the height is holding at 475 but other times its going to 426 pixels high.


      Do you have any ideas why its outputting at 426" pixels high when the crop and output are stated at 475?

      This hasn't happened before.


      Thanks so much for your help & for being there for us :-)