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    Timeline navigation glitch


      Building an app for the kids that I teach, exporting for an Air for the desktop. I am having trouble with it, it is very hard to explain so I made a quick video showing exactly what is happening.


      The video and the flash file are attached bellow. It's in Irish, just in case anybody s having trouble understanding it.


      Problem - YouTube


      Elipse messing with.fla - Google Drive

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          when you change frames, your buttons no longer exist.  the listener code that defined how they should behave is removed.


          then you return to that frame where your buttons exist (again), but their listener code must not be on that frame (and listeners are not redefined) so they do not respond to mouse actions.


          there are a number of remedies.  the easiest is to not remove those buttons when you change frames.  of course, you no longer want them visible and clickable so you can either:


          make their visible property false (when changing frames) and make it true on the frame where you want them visible, or use removeChild to remove them from the display list.  (removing them from the display does not remove them and therefore their listener code will not be removed.)