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    cant render my main composition


      Hi all. So i made a new project and in this project i have a wave file, a solid background and a lot of pre compositions.

      I'm done with the project and i want to render it. For some reason it's not rendering it as a whole file but just the last part of

      the main composition. What am i doing wrong? I thougt it had to work like this if i made pre compositions within a composition.
      i also saw that my main composition has the same in point and out point duration as my outro pre comp.
      I guess i need to render all the files separately and combine them later into one?

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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          What are you doing wrong?  First thing is you are asking for help wrong.  Nobody has any clue how much experience you have, what your render settings are, what layers you have in your comp and how they are set & laid out.   Having said all that...

          Check your render settings and make sure it's set to render the entire length of the main comp.   By default it renders only your work area (the thick bar at the top of the layers panel).   If that bar is not set to the entire length of the comp you wont get a full comp render.   You could drag the work area to encompass your entire composition OR you can change it in the compositions Render Setting's star/finish.


          If this doesn't help you post pics of the layer panel of the comp you're trying to render & your render settings. 

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            FESP Level 1

            You are right. I'm sorry to give so little information. I just started using AE. I did see that i don't have the workspace bar set to the entire length so i will try that one.

            By render settings you mean inside Adobe Media Encoder right? Thanks for the help!

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              FESP Level 1

              And i'm just making a simple lyrics video to get used to AE. Just a lot of text and some preset effects. I literally just started 2 weeks ago.
              I'm aiming to become great at it but i got a long way to go.

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                Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional


                By render settings I meant in After Effects not AME.   But this relates directly to your workspace bar.  For example if you set your workspace to only a portion of your comp and then youy add that comp to the render queue, when you go into the render setting in the render queue you will see the start/end time will correspond with the workspace bar.  If you then change the start/end time using the "custom" option it will override the workspace bar.   I can't say too much about what happens when you send projects directly to AME as I don't do that.  I render my videos as uncompressed quicktimes in AE and then I encode the uncommpressed .mov file in AME.   I don't know of that's a better workflow or not it's just how my employer told me to do it.

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                  FESP Level 1

                  It's all about workflow. I figured that one out pretty fast. Thanks a lot for the tip. I don't know if i will work with quiktime. For now i'm just starting. It worked like you suggested.


                  Now YouTube is giving me a problem. I think that after uploading it will give me problems with the audio quality but i read that i can try some other settings.