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    Automatic indexing of topics

    chrisnaylor Level 1

      Is there any easy way of automatically indexing all topics in a topic list for all documents in an Indesign Book?


      At present, the only way I can see of doing it is to work through the entire topic list, one topic at a time, find suitable text in one of the documents to select, and then use Add All with all of the other documents in the Book open, in order to index all occurences of every topic in the Topic List.


      This is pretty time-consuming - and all you have to do to mess it up is to edit the source documents again, so that the indexing is lost and you have to start again.


      In Word Perfect, by way of contrast, you can build an index concordance file and simply use that in a one step process to generate an index with entries for every item in the concordance.


      Something like that in InDesign would be very helpful.


      I am using InDesign CS5.