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    Lightroom not removing all hot pixels?

    trenzterra Level 1

      I bought Lightroom on the premise that it would help automatically detect and remove the hot pixels in my RAW photos. Unfortunately, Lightroom is missing some here and there. There's one particularly stubborn red hot pixel that's there in many of the photos processed in Lightroom.


      I've tried other RAW processors and so far the rest are able to remove this hot pixel, as long as I turn up the hot pixel suppression to a higher level. However, Lightroom has no such option. The only way I can easily remove it is by doing spot removal, which in my opinion is not so ideal.


      I've tried playing with the NR sliders and none of the settings will make this hot pixel go away.


      I've read past discussions on this forum and they all suggest to submit a RAW file for analysis, so I have attached them as follows:


      Processed JPEG (hot pixel is circled)



      RAW file:



      So I was wondering if the algorithm within Lightroom could be changed to detect cases like mine? Thank you very much!