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    InDesign CS3 won't open...unless...


      This problem has been happening for a while now and I can't associate anything that may have triggered it.  I've done multiple internet searches for a similar issue/resolution to no avail.  I DID find someone else who had the EXACT same problem so I'll post his detailed info (in red) and hope someone has the fix:


      My Indesign CS3 suddenly started giving me problems when I tried to open it. I have used it for a year or so with no problem. Now, when I click to open the program, I get the moving donut (on Vista) that indicates processing is taking place, but after about 5 or so seconds, it just disappears and there is no further response from the computer. If I repeat this it will sometimes open (I have had it happen after about 5 to 30 attempts) and then the program runs fine.

      I discovered, however, that each time I click to open, a process is started (taking up about 11 MB of RAM (but no application appears in the Windows Task Manager). After mutiple attempts at trying to open the program it starts to run out of RAM and I have to close some of the processes to continue.

      My current work-around is to keep trying to open by repeating the double-click on the Indesign icon until it opens. This means double-clicking, then waiting a while, and if it doesn't open, repeating it until it does. After InDesign (finally) opens, I open the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del), go to the 'processes' tab, search for all the Indesign processes that are NOT the one that is open then stop each of them one by one. You can tell which are the ones that are not open since their indication of memory is around 11K and it is unchanging. The open program takes up more memory than that and it changes.

      Sometimes I have had to try to open Indesign with more than 30 tries, but eventually it opens.

      To that, I will add that when I double-click an InDesign file to try and open it, the same applies.  If I double click once, nothing (but a process starts).  If I double-click repeatedly, it eventually opens (with multiple processes to show for it).

      My system info is as follows:



      System Info.jpg