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    Next generation storage - what is currently possible with PCIe 3.0 x 4  SSDs?Alternatives?


      As the first NVME SSDs are out and many more to come in 2016, I started thinking of how to use those new SSDs most effectively.


      Right now, I am planning on using two Samsung 950 Pro 512GB as Cache and media drives (smaller projects)in my upcoming build. For larger projects, I still have my much slower Areca 5028T2 running 6 x 4TB WD Red Pros in Raid3.


      Unfortunately, 512GB is quite small for a media drive, which is ok to experiment with, but is not enough larger or multiple projects.


      So what options are there and will there be?


      My new system will have the following specs:


      5930K (40 lanes)

      64GB RAM (2800)

      Asus X99 e ws 3.1

      Asus Strix 980 ti OC (16 lanes)

      ThunderboltEX Dual PCI-E card (4 lanes) for Areca 5028T2 with 6 x 4 TB WD Red Pro

      BM Decklink 4k pro (8 lanes)

      M.2 Slot with 950 Pro 512GB cache drive (4 lanes)

      Asus m.2 adapter card with 950 Pro media drive (4 lanes)

      Sata III 850 Pro 128GB OS, Programs drive

      Sata III 840 Pro 512 GB export drive

      IF I did the math right, I have only 4 PCIe 3.0 lanes left. So I could do the following:

      1) Use one 950 Pro for OS, buy  Intel 750 1.2 TB.

          Pro: more than twice the capacity, reliable

          Con: more, but only 1.2TB...

          Investment: about 1150 Euro

      2) Speed up my Areca with 6 x 256GB 850 Pros(raid 3). Usable capacity around 1.2 TB.

          Pros: relatively cheap. fast. No extra lanes used.

          Con: Speed is limited to Thunderbolt2 bandwidth.

          Investment 750 Euro

      3) Buy another 950 Pro with m.2 PCIe adapter card and combine with existing 950 Pro to Raid0. Capacity 1TB.

          Pros: Cheap. very fast!

          Cons: only 1TB, Raid0 is riskier, eventually difficult to set up due to NVME drivers etc.

          Investment: 340 Euro.

      4) Wait for 1TB version of 950Pro. Buy two in setup Raid0. Get rid off one 950 Pro 512GB. Capacity 2TB.

          Pros: good amount of storage, very fast.

          Cons: Raid0 is riskier etc.

          Investment: approx. 1200 Euro

      5) upgrade Areca 5028T2 with 6 x 850 Pro 512 GB in Raid 3. Usable capacity around 2.5 TB

          Pros: good amount of storage. fast. No extra lanes used.

          Cons: most expensive option. Thunderbolt2 bandwidth limit.

          Investment: 1350 Euro.


      If I decided to spend more money, of course there are better options such getting the Areca 1883ix-16 raid controller and using it with either 6 x 512GB 850 Pros or 4 x U.2 Samsung PM953 (very fast combo) or even wait for the upcoming Samsung PCIe 3.0 x 8 SSD PM1725.....one can dream.......