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    Top-level folder in Lightroom is named "/".


      Hi All,

      please help! As in the subject  Top-level folder in Lightroom is named "/" which means that my external drive is not listed as it should be. I am unable to move the folders on the drive in Lightroom.

      I have read this article https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/volumes-drives-display-folders-lightoom.html but this is not helpful at all.

      I do not understand this at all "Move to another location all the images that you imported from the root of the Macintosh HD using Add. If necessary, use a Finder window to locate these photos. After you import them using Add, they are no longer listed in the Folders panel. You can move them in Finder, and then relink to them."

      I don't  remember adding anything from the root catalog to my library! All the pictures are on the external drive.

      How can I relink the photos? Will I loose all the settings applied to the pictures?

      Please help, I am running photography studio and shooting 1000's of pictures every week