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    Print dynamic datagrid

      Hi World:

      I'm working with flex3, creatiang a RIA Browser, and i have many doubt about PRINT in flex.

      I need print forms, datagrids, labels (one label for every datagrid's cell) and reports.

      About forms, i dont have trouble (yet) i use FlexPrintJob object (this print all forms's content)...

      But, i have serious problems when i print datagrids. My grids have a dynamic columns and variable size. Generally, many columns compose the grid then when i print the orientation page must be horizontal...

      I used the Adobe's example for grid. This use "PrintDatagrid" object and for this, stacticly create a grid with dynamic content.

      i modified this example for work with dynamic grid, i set the width of columns such that i can see all text of cell. But when i print, i can´t deploy the all content (the cells are cut and too narrow, page content isn't horizontal orientation). All times there are many columns but all print in one page. Despite that i set the width columns.

      ¿Can you help me? ¿How do you print dynamic datagrid?¿How do you orient the page with printDataGrid? ¿How can i print in various pages in accordance with number and width of columns?

      Moreover i must print label relation with previous datagrid. With data Such as: model, trade name, color, year, chasis, etc. for everyone cell of datagrid

      Model: 306 Trade Name: Peugeot
      Color: white year: 2009
      salesperson: john smith


      And Finally: How do you work with reports? what program do you use?

      I hope that you can help me.... really really i need it :(

      beforehand thank you very much

      regards, vania