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    How to Export FDF Data to Spreadsheet


      Hello, I am using the "submit form" feature in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  I have it set to collect information in .FDF file format and to submit the file to a mailto: URL.  The file does arrive properly. I then save the FDF to my hard drive.  When I attempt to open the FDF file in Acrobat Pro DC, I receive this message.  "The file you are attempting to open contains contents that are supposed to be placed on . This document cannot be found.  It may have been moved or deleted."


      So, how do I create the response file document that FDF data are supposed to be placed on?  (Or was that response file document supposed to have been auto-created?)  And then once the response file document is established, how do I open the .FDF file and export data into the response file.


      I welcome any advice on how to get my data from the .FDF file into a spreadsheet.   Thanks.