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    Lightroom can't find PhotoShop

    rdfoto3 Level 1

      I'm a heavy user of Adobe products. Today while in Lightroom CC 2015 I wanted to edit a photo and hit CMD E to jump directly into PhotoShop. I've done it a zillion times before. Today I got an error because somehow LR wants to use a copy of PS found on another drive in a backup rather than the current PS in my App folder. Loading from that location caused an error in LR.


      I can't change the link to the proper PS location. PS works just fine; it's the link that's corrupt. Where do I find the link file so I can redirect to the proper folder?


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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi rdfoto,


          I would request you to remove Photoshop completely and reinstall it back. It should fix all the links between Lightroom and Photoshop.


          Let me know if this helps.




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            rdfoto3 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response. I hoped there was a quicker way . . . But I understand.


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              rdfoto3 Level 1

              No go. I'm a professor using the university's site license for all my Adobe programs (we have them all). I just had someone from IT in my office doing the complete uninstall/reinstall as per your suggestion.


              I then opened LR and was given the UPDATE window. I updated to the newest version (the lady with the wonderful makeup in blue and white), and it immediately found my latest catalog and opened it. Fine so far.


              I then selected a file and hit CMD E to open/edit that NEF file in PS. That's where it hangs. The path used by LR goes to my backup disk, and some of the necessary files are not found there?? So it hangs. And suggests I reinstall.


              No where in LR can I redirect it to the correct PS folder. I believe I need to d more than a simple uninstall; I need to wipe all LR program files and start fresh (which the reinstall doesn't do).


              OR, is there some line of code where that is accessible? A simple redirect will solve all these problems. Meanwhile I'm stuck and cannot edit in PS while using a LR modified file.


              Please help. Until this is resolved I can't use LR.



              Rick Davis