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    Problems importing videos


      I am a new user to Adobe Lightroom CC.  I have several questions regarding using Lightroom CC for videos.  I have tried to import several videos into Lightroom CC into an empty collection which I intend to only use for videos.  When I try to import the videos, they are not added to the collection that I created.  However, they are added to a smart collection for videos.  Since they are not actually in a standard collection, I am unable to remove the videos from Lightroom CC.  How can I properly import videos so that they go to the standard collection that I created?


      Also, how good is Lightroom CC at managing video files?  I am currently using iMovie for editing my videos.  However, I am considering changing to another program since my family uses Windows much more than Apple.  If possible, I want to be able to give them read-only access to the videos from their various devices.  Any ideas??