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    How to move a Catalogue ~Personal Info Removed~MOD



      At the moment I am using LR6 for my photo editing and everything is more or less ok.

      My applications are all on my C drive, the catalogue and the folder which contains the RAW image files are located on the D drive.

      Very shortly I intend to upgrade to LR CC with Lightroom and because of this I need a bit of advice.


      1. When should I uninstall the existing LR6; before or after installing LR CC etc. ?


      2. How do I transfer the LR6 catalogue files to the new LR CC, I am presuming it is possible.


      3. Presuming the above is possible, how do I include the folder which contains the Raw image files.


      4. I am not sure if I have created a problem for my self; the catalogue files have been backed up from within LR6; the Raw files have been backed up

          in windows; is this right will there be a problem.



      Hope that you can help.


      Brian Gravestock

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Brian,


          I would like to inform you that Lightroom 6 is the standalone version of Lightroom CC 2015.


          1. You do not need to uninstall Lightroom 6 from your computer.

          In order to activate Lightroom CC, please sign out of Lightroom (Help > Sign out) and quit the application

          Relaunch and sign back in.


          2. Once you will activate Lightroom CC, it will open your catalog, which you have used in Lightroom 6.


          3. In order to add a folder, please import files from that folder.


          4. Lightroom backup doesn't include the image files. You have done good by backup them manually.


          Hope this helps.