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    Lightroom 6.3 (Mac) freezes on import


      Dear all,


      Due to the fact that Apple stopped development of Aperture I had to make a switch after many years of feeling 100% comfortable with Aperture. After some research it became obvious that most people would recommend Lightroom. So I bought a copy.


      Import of my Aperture library went very well and included all my ratings (very important!) and projects. So far so good.


      Now I tried to import newly shot photos from my Nikon D7100. Tried it with cable. Tried it with the SC card in my Macbook Air. Lightroom always freezes on import or comes back with the "message" that none of the photos could be read.


      Went back to Aperture. Connected the camera. Import fast and 100% OK.


      I cannot believe that Adobe publishes a new release with such a major problem... Very frustrating... want my money back!


      Can someone help? Is that a known problem - the suggested fixes in the forums do not work (import options)? Will there be an update to Lightroom soon?






      - Macbook Air 2012, 1,7GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 480GB SSD Jetdrive (45GB free event with Aperture and Lightroom library at 150GB each)

      - Mac OS 10.11.2

      - Adobe Lightroom 6.3