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    Is lightroom optimized for nvidia

    glura Level 1

      Thinking about changing video cards.  I currently have a Radeon HD7770 w/ 1GB of memory driving an LG 34UM95 at 3440x140.

      Lightroom seems to lag when I'm displaying large images or full size images.

      After reviewing Adobe Lightroom GPU Troubleshooting and FAQ, it sounds like my video card is not ideal


      As I've started looking at video cards (and historically, I've used AMD/ATI), I've come across user comments stating that Adobe Lightroom (and Photoshop) are more optimized for NVidia cards.

      I've searched for documentation or details published by Adobe, but haven't found anything stating that.


      So, can someone from Adobe comment if the products are optimized for AMD or NVidia?  Are there published benchmarks comparing similar cards from the 2 manufacturers.