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    Adobe - please fix display scaling in Flash CC 2015 as you have done in other products

    daveystew Level 1

      I've just switched to a high-DPI laptop and Flash Pro CC 2015 is pretty much unusable under Windows 10.


      • If I don't scale the display, everything is tiny, and I'll likely get a sore back and eye strain
      • If I do scale the display, Flash Pro CC 2015 is pixelated or blurry, and it's impossible to use things like the timeline effectively


      Your other products seem to not scale well out of the box when using an additional (normal dpi) monitor, as is required these days to actually get any work done.

      There seems to be a fix here though surely it should work out of the box, or be a preference, rather than a hack.


      But back to Flash - PLEASE get this fixed. I know the dev team has a lot of conflicting directions to pull in, but pretty much all hardware is high-dpi these days - using Flash on it is just a distant dream though.


      Nothing more to say.


      Very, very disappointed,