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    How stop trial nags and emails after registering Lightroom 6?


      The topic line says it all. I bought a license for LR 6 in April, 2015. The purchase and license # are listed in the products purchased list in my Adobe Account.


      Several day ago, I received an email, presumably from Adobe telling me my LR "trial" has expired. The program has functioned, and is functioning, normally. Relatively recently I started getting little nag screens in the task bar "Hoping that I am enjoying my trial." A similar thing has happened with registered Adobe  products in the last 2 or 3 years. The issue could be dealt with quickly via Adobe's support chat. But the current Adobe support pages are clearly designed to allow Adobe to avoid dealing with real problems. I was offered 24/7 "Chat," but I don't think it was a real chat with a live agent. I submitted a description; a "case" with a case # was "opened," and a canned statement on the chat page said I would get a response within 24 hours.


      I received no email confirming that a support was opened.


      I don't really expect to get a solution here. I suspect the whole "trial" thing is entirely within the control of Adobe and is some sort of half-assed effort by Adobe to trick a few unwary users into ponying up more $. Reminds me of Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade nonsense. (I have and use Windows 10, but have provided help to some senior citizens who were deceived by the GWX nag screen into accidently  upgrading.)


      So who knows? Maybe someone here can provide further insight or suggestions. As long as LR behaves as it should, I really can't complain. But it is annoying when a software house sends a notice to a registered user that their license has "expired." It doesn't seem like the kind of thing one can comfortably ignore.