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    How to wrap text around anchored object (image)

    stuartm54046563 Level 1

      I rapidly beginning to realise that I am not the mental giant I had previously thought!!!


      Having recently made the switch to InDesign, I am struggling to pick up some of the different methodologies and, even more so, the different lingo.


      I have read the Adobe guide section on this query and I feel none the wiser. I am sorry to trouble you guys with what is probably a very trivial question for any users above the age of three, but here goes anyway.


      I am trying to anchor an image object into a text frame, with the text wrapping the image. Whilst it seems to be within my capabilities to insert the object and to wrap the text, I am having real problems anchoring this object in the correct place.


      What I am trying to achieve look like this:-

      Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 1.14.52 PM.png

      Can someone please help me, in a simple "for an idiot" way how to do this?


      Any and all help greatly appreciated.