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    Printing Problems in InDesign: Custom Sizes

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      Hey everyone,

      I'm experiencing a bizarre printing problem with InDesign and more broadly, with the printer controls in OS X. I use a Xerox Phaser 6600 to print custom envelopes, and i had a workflow set up whereby i regularly printed the envelopes from the InDesign files themselves (i know that many people would suggest to print files from PDFs, but i have never been able to replicate the color printout when printing directly from InDesign). I use the bypass tray on the printer, and had very precise alignments and envelope sizes. The setup worked flawlessly until the printer itself broke. I recently replaced the printer with the exact same model, which necessitated installing a new driver for the printer. Today when i attempted to replicate the workflow with the new driver in Indesign, the printouts come out the size of a postage stamp on the upper left corner on the envelope, whereas before, i obviously had a full sized print fully in line with the size of the envelope. I'm really confused – i've set the document size in InDesign and let InDesign control the document size with the printer – i've checked if any settings are different from the previous printer driver, and can't find a single one – and yet what i get is a postage size stamp mini printout. I attempted to export a PDF file of the document and print out using OS X preview and i get the same issue. Have i missed something obvious? Enclosed are screenshots of the printing settings, the document size settings, and the OS X custom page size i used in preview.

      Would really appreciate anyone's insight to this problem. My business relies on this envelope workflow so i'm kind of in a tight spot until i debug this issue. I'm using the latest version of InDesign and OS X – and the latest version of the printer driver that Xerox provides.

      Thanks a lot,


      indesign printing problem.pngseed envelope size printing problem.png

      pdf print dialog.png