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    Mask is cropping down resolution


      I have two videos, from one I create a mask.

      In preview I have output fine.




      In RAM preview and render queue, output is weird:

      ram preview.png


      I am a beginner ,using After Effects CS6 trial.

      I have followed several tutorials, not a single tutorial has addressed this issue.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your screenshots and your description tell us nothing about your comp and your problem. Please show us the entire app including the Timeline, Composition panel and the Project panel by following these steps:

          1. Select the Comp 1 in the project panel so we can see the composition settings in the info
          2. Select the layers in the timeline that are giving you problems and press the U key twice to reveal all modified properties for these layers
          3. Make sure the Composition panel is set to Active Camera
          4. Take a full screen screenshot and drag it into the reply field on this forum
          5. Explain in detail your workflow
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            TalhaHasanZia Level 1

            I tried to recreate the scenario but it is working now in entirely new project. I guess it is the fix then.