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    Does Premiere Pro work with Apple XSAN......?


      Does Premiere Pro work with Apple XSAN......?


      I Have invested a lot in Apple XSAN and currently i am using FCP 7.0.3 for editing.

      I want to move from FCP to Adobe Premiere Pro 2015 using Apple XSAN as my central storage.


      Nature of my work:

      All Long form shows (Fiction and Non-Fiction) on HD (1920 X 1080i) Apple ProRes 422 PAL.

      Number of video layers that my editors use is somewhere between 15 to 20 right now on FCP. There is no major problem in FCP (other then crashing 4 to 5 times a day, which everyone is use too now) the reason to move to Adobe is to upgrade my systems and provide a better solution.

      But i can afford a software upgrade and if required some hardware upgrade in my Mac Pro's ( I have 45 Mac Pro's)

      I can't afford to change my XSAN storage jut to migrate from FCP to Adobe. (I have over 400 TB XSAN storage)


      Any suggestions or guidance........