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    Sending messages using SPInterfaceSuite not working because of WinUser.h

    mariom90921788 Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I'm struggling to make a plugin send messages to other plugins. Trying to use SPInterfaceSuite and having this code:


      SPErr result;

      sSPInterface->SetupMessageData(plugin_ref, data);

      sSPInterface->SendMessage(plugin_ref, kCallerAINotify, kSelectorAINotify, &data, &result);

      sSPInterface->EmptyMessageData(plugin_ref, data);


      The SendMessage function above doesn't seem to resolve to the suite, but to WinUser.h

      When I hover the mose over it, it says "Cannot Resolve symbol SendMessageA", and when I try to trace the definition, I have WinUser.h opening up.

      Can somebody advise if/how this can be fixed?