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    Downloading Elements on two devices?


      Story time. About two years ago I received Adobe Premier Elements (12, I believe) as a gift. I downloaded it onto my computer and used it pretty frequently. Back in March my laptop was dropped on the floor and is now unusable. I got a new one (a Surface Pro 3) and have been without Elements since. Since I own the software, is there any way to put it on my Surface? I still have the installation disk around my house somewhere, though I'm not sure about the code that it came with. Also, since the Surface is a tablet, it doesn't have a disk drive. Would I need an external one to download it again?

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          You are going to need the purchased serial number for this. If you do not have it, no where to go. Your hope is that, if you have used this Premiere Elements 12 before, it is registered at the Adobe web site in your account under "My Products".


          If you need installation files, then please use 12 link from the following Adobe Other Downloads

          Other downloads


          Please consider, and let us know the outcome as your schedule permits. If any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.


          Best wishes for the new year.