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    Save a movie/clip without flash




      I have 2 versions of Premier Elements, 13 and 14.

      I have a question about saving it to youtube without Flash. With version 13 it works fine, because when you select "save to youtube" you get many option, also to save without flash.

      In Version 14 I cannot find this option. I have save the movie to many different formats (9 in total) but on youtube you can't watch it with an apple or anrdoid mobile device.

      Can I save a movie in version 14 without flash?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Versions 13 and 14 will output your movie as an MP4. Each version also includes a tool for loading directly to YouTube. In each case, it sends an MP4/AVC file to YouTube. It neither case does it output a FLV or Flash file for YouTube.


          In any event, once it's on YouTube, YouTube reformats to their own universal format. Are you saying that your Apple or Android device is unable to play the file once it's on YouTube?