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    I click the Data Merge button and InDesign CC 2015 crashes!  What now???

    Nick - CPA

      Hey everyone.  I am a new member here.  I have looked for a solution in the forums here for sometime but really seems like my situation is unique to what most are experiencing. 


      We have a 50-70 page document using a fairly large excel sheet for the data merge.  I had it working properly previously.  But it was when I made changes to the excel sheet that I had started to have issues. The entire program crashes leaving me to restart again.  Fortunately InDesign opens the previously saved file but as soon as the data merge is pressed or opened via the window file menu the program drops out.

      It should be noted that if we access a previous documents that uses data merge separate from this document it does not crash.


      I guess I really need to know what I should do here.  I mean I opened a separate new document and opened data merge and had no problems.  But if the previous artboard was clicked it crashes.  I am starting to think that I should just rebuild my document using the new document as it currently handles the data merge fine. 


      Any help with this will be greatly appreciated, otherwise I feel I will be forced to manually enter all this information, which will be a huge time waster.   Please help!


      I read here that I might look for the crash report but I am unsure how I look for this.