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    For Windows InDesign CS6  - Creating links


      Is there a maximum number of email addresses permitted? I am creating a 116-page membership directory with probably 350-plus web addresses and email addresses. I have used the "Convert URLs to Hyperlinks" Option under Type/Hyperlinks. In one motion it created 339 links. In testing the email links, I found about 10-15 that did not function due to errors. When I corrected the problems, I could not get InDesign to create new links. I know the format is now right because I have tested each address in Outlook and they work. I have re-keyed the information a number of times, I have pasted directly and indirectly. All to no avail. There are now about 10 addresses that don't seem to work as email addresses. In one version of Adobe Reader absolutely nothing happens when these email addresses are clicked. In the Mac version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, I get a long URL indicating only this a file on my drive with the email address the final part of this long URL.  Help!!