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    Flex and PHP Newbie question

      So, I am trying to set up a new project in FlexBuilder that will communicate with our PHP server at work. What I know is that the root URL is http://something.mycompany.ca. My application is http://something.mycompany.ca/myApp/ . On the local file system, I have ONLY been given access to /var/www/html/myApp/ .

      What do I need (besides a basic PHP installation on the server) to make this all work? I have been working with Flex and ColdFusion for many years, but can't hit the right parameters in the create new flex project setup. I don't know what the web root should be pointing to, and I don't know what the root url should be - I've tried the obvious ones, but keep getting the following error "The server may not be running, or the web root folder or root url may be invalid".

      Do I need to install something special on the PHP server to make it all work (I've heard of webORB - do I really need this, or something else?)

      Please help - I find it so frustrating that all the examples tell me "C:/" and " http://localhost" for the set up.


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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          You should just be able to call the PHP script, as long as it is in the same domain as the Flex app SWF. If your PHP is setup correctly (run some scripts outside of Flex), then call the same script from Flex, using HTTPService. Tell us the URL of the SWF, and the URL of the PHP script you are calling, and we may be able to help.