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    CC 2015 creating a Createspace cover

    matthewdee Level 1

      Up till recently I was only using InDesign for digital projects, I now got a couple of print jobs and need to be able to do them correctly. The first job is the interior and cover for a book that will be for print on Createspace.


      I was able to set the interior margins and bleeds with no problem and got the proof back and it looks fine, but the cover is a mother story. I inherited this job from some one how could not finish and I was given the indd package folder for the interior and an Illustrator file for the cover and the nightmare began. First, when I opened the cover in Illustrator it asked me for a psd which was part of the files I recieved from the client. When I opened the psd inside of Illustrator it looked OK, so never having submitted covers to Createspace before I saved as a pdf and sent it. Got error messages back saying the dimensions were wrong and I realized that it was because that cover was made using Ingram Spark specs. So I went to adjust and I then saw that the psd was saved WITHOUT the layers so I could not move anything in the doc ( barcode area ) so I downloaded a Createspace cover template and dragged each piece of artwork from the .ai to a new psd. Then I realized that I did not have all the fonts so I had to find the missing ones. Long story short I re created the cover saved as a pdf and uploaded to Space. When I got the proof back I just received a transparency warning but I see that the fonts look TERRIBLE. I do not want to take a chance and approve the cover so I did a little research and found out that the best way to do a cover is to use InDesign from the beginning.


      So here I am.


      I see a great tune on Lynda how to do this and I had a question about the doc settings for this.


      I have a pdf of the Createspace cover template and figured I would just grab the doc info from that and the question is can I lay the pdf out across the entire layout or do I have to cut up into three parts back spine and cover and then add the artwork over that?


      any help here as it seems that the person who originally did this cover did it using .AI and Photoshop.