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    Thanks for a great program PE14. A question relating to all versions- I just don't understand the scales.


      The movement scale (applied effects/movement) in the first mm or so, goes from 1% to 200%ish in size. Since you can't really scale beyond 200% because of loss of resolution, what is the majority of the scale for? Same applies to drop shadows. The default is oversized for a typical drop-shadow- any tiny movement on the distance scale sends it up to the size of Scotland. Once it's off the page it's no use.

      This has become a real problem in PE14, because the sizing lines are not projecting beyond the window. This was the only practical way of accurately sizing the object, as the scale in the movement is so sensitive in practice. Now the only way is to guess the % value and type it in, until you guess it right.

      Scale needs to be like photoshop CC. The whole scale is dedicated to the range required (about 1-200% taking up 95% of the scale), with an exponential increase at the end. giving a smooth easy way of sizing an object.

      The loss of the lines is also making cropping difficult for the same reason.


      happy New year