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    Questions: Re-installing Photoshop CS3, Problem: 'Licensing for this product has stopped working'


      My old computer had Photoshop CS3 (and Illustrator CS3) installed.  The old computer died. I did a Time Machine back-up from a different 'back-up computer', which had both of those applications installed.  (2 installs are allowed).  I have the original disks for both applications.  My new Mac does not have a DVD drive.  So, I downloaded both applications from Adobe.  Photoshop:  I launched the installer, & un-installed Photoshop CS3.  Then I installed the Photoshop.  When Photoshop was launched, I got the dialog box:  (((( Licensing for this product has stopped working.  You cannot use this product at this time.  You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or contacting your IT administrator or Adobe customer support for help. ))))  Adobe does not give phone support for CS3 products. 


      How can I get Photoshop CS3 to work?  (And Illustrator CS3)