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    Lightroom upgrade question


      I bought Lightroom 5 as a stand alone version a while back.

      Yesterday, I signed up for the Creative Cloud - one app version - to get Illustratior (which I use in conjonction with the mobile app Draw).

      When I log into Creative Cloud, it invites me to 'upgrade' my Lightroom 5 to the CC version.

      What happens if I do so, and down the road, unsubscribed to the Creative Cloud ?

      Will I loose Lightroom now that I will have upgraded to the CC version that can only be operated with a valid CC subscribtion ?

      Am I better off not upgrading and not risking to loose Lightroom down the road ?

      Help !

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          It will install LR CC 2015.3 as a trial and not touch your install of LR 5 except to Copy the Catalog file and convert that copy to a LR CC catalog file. Leaving your LR 5 catalog file as it is. But once the trial is over you can't take the LR CC catalog back into LR 5, it isn't compatible with LR 5. So any work you did on images in LR CC will not show up in LR 5.


          You could get the Photographers subscription plan for $9.99 a month (On top of the subscription cost you are paying for Illustrator) and get both LR CC and Photoshop CC.

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            3eCheval Level 1

            thank you for the prompt answer!