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    Premiere Elements 14 - choppy transitions in Windows 7 Prof. 64 bit i7 MAXIMUS VII HERO


      Veteran in Adobe products - worked for corporate film & video company for years. Now trying the elements products which so far have not been quite up to par for me.

      I usually can figure out anything but having trouble get smooth transitions in Premiere elements 14. Tried every suggested trick except disabling the multi-cores. (already changed frame rates, software rendering  and tried all the software toggles - flicker removal, etc.)

      I'm guessing a conflict of some kind. System is new and powerful. Also the Hollywood effects completely hangs Premiere often. Also does anyone know if multiple custom configurations can be saved in Camera Raw 9? Worthless, if not.



      Windows 7 Professional (x64) (build 7600)

      4.00 gigahertz Intel Core i7-4790K

      256 kilobyte primary memory cache

      1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache

      8192 kilobyte tertiary memory cache

      64-bit ready

      Multi-core (4 total)

      Hyper-threaded (8 total)


      Bus Clock: 100 megahertz

      UEFI: American Megatrends Inc. 2902 08/27/2015

      32712 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 [Display adapter]

      ST2000DM001-1ER1 SCSI Disk Device (2000.40 GB) -- drive 0 SMART Status: Healthy


      The one with the solution is the Master.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The install of the Camera Raw plug-in in Premiere Elements (any version) only permits you to use raw image format and dng as source media in a Premiere Elements project. You need Photoshop Elements to use the Camera Raw editing workspace. I would suggest that you take advantage of the specialized expertise on that in the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum. Photoshop Elements


          As for the Premiere Elements video transitions, not sure where you are with that...so excuse the questions if you have been there and done that...

          a. What are the formats of the two clips involved in the video transitions?

          b. For your video clips, have you looked at the transitioning with and without trimming the clips?

          c. To what extent have you tried to edit the transitions in the Transitions Adjustments - alignment, duration, other?

          d. What effects have been applied to the two clips before or after the placement of transition?


          A few years ago I wrote the following about how Premiere Elements transitions work. Principles are the same for 14 - please refer to footnote part on 11 which is similar to 14.

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Video Transitions - Part 2 How They Work


          Also the Hollywood effects completely hangs Premiere often.

          That more than a transitions problem. All of the Hollywood Effects choices or specific ones? If specific ones, please check the Applied Effects Tab/Applied Effects Palette/ and determine what specific effects panels were added when you applied the Hollywood Effect to the Timeline file.


          Please consider and let us know if any of the above targets your issues?


          Best wishes for the new year.



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            EditorMonger Level 1


            Thanks for the rapid reply and Happy New Year to A.T. Romano and the

            Adobe Staff!

            To answer the questions to my question - first off, sorry I did not make

            it clear that I purchased the Premiere and Photoshop Elements 14 combo

            so my Raw question was a Photoshop question - sorry for assuming you

            knew that.

            I still would like to know if I can save presets in Camera Raw using

            Photoshop Elements 14 so that I can access them from the ACR menu. I was

            able to do this in older versions of Photoshop & Raw.

            But that is a minor problem. The major ones are with Premiere Elements 14.


            A. The video clip formats are:

            Type: QuickTimeMovie (.mov) 461.8 MB

            Image size: 1920 X 1080

            Frame rate: 23.976

            Aspect: 1.0

            Tracks: 1 video track, 1 timecode track

            Compressor:  Photo - JPEG

            Quality: Most (4.0)


            I have converted these to AVI with same results.


            B. I have tried trimmed, untrimmed, different frame-rate, stretched,

            shortened and manual verses drag & drop transitions (you know, using the

            timeline keyframer).

            C. I have tried all that, besides tricks I've used from the past like

            just jogging problem clips on the timeline slightly, which had fixed

            anomalous problems in past versions of Premiere.

            D. I really started noticing the bad transition problem with the

            Hollywood Looks Transition category and specifically the 'Dreamy'

            Effect. It places only 3 effects 'Gaussian Blur',  'Blend With Original'

            and some type of opacity change to produce the effect.

                 *NOTE: most of time I attempt to use this Effect, when I open the

            effects panel the second I click on the 'Dreamy' icon, it freezes the

            interface in an odd manner.  The mouse freezes and I must use keyboard

            to access menu commands. (possible USB conflict).

            It could be the Gaussian effect because it's pretty CPU intensive.

            Sometimes Premiere freezes completely with the use of that effect. I

            have experimented with most of the other effects and only the 'Dreamy'

            effect does it so far.

            Once the effect is applied and fails, when I exit Premiere I get the

            following error: Adobe QT32 Server 8.0 has stopped working. Curious,

            because this was installed by Premiere Elements on my 64 bit system by

            the Adobe installer.

            Should be a 64 bit app by now (2016). I would think if Adobe used a

            different exporter service besides Quicktime it might make the program

            more stable for Windows users as it is quite outdated. (only Mac

            supported at this time).


            I have also noted that passed QT/Adobe apps had problems with multi-core

            processors. Mine being a 4 core (hyperthreaded to 8), I set the affinity

            to 1 core for both Premiere and Quicktime and disabled hyperthreading

            all with no results.


            So, before I had received your reply I had figured out a temporary

            workaround where I export the move files individually with the Dream

            effect applied. Seems to work on single files without transitions,

            though still hangs Premiere half the time.

            When I import them back into the timeline I can then have smooth

            transitioning. It's a slow way to go but it will have to do until I

            either find a solution or use a different editor.  In the near future I

            will experiment with more file types to see if this changes things.

            Currently, with a few exceptions, all my video is mov files because that

            is the output of the stock video sources I have in my library. I really

            have limited time to troubleshoot as I am already behind schedule

            because of this.