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    Difference between the trial version and subscription after 30 days

    greg14 Level 1

      I have been reading and reviewing you tube videos and would prefer to do the trial version to check that I am comfortable with and can handle the importing and Catalog and Folder/Subfolder set up to my liking and understanding.

      I do not want to set up the catalog and folders that has trial limits and/or have to start all over again.


      I understand that there are limits as to DVD recording and that is of no concern to me.
      if there are other limits that effect the Catalog, folders or Adjustments, that would be good info to have to make my decision on the trial version also.


      I currently have Aperture and purchased Capture One Pro 8 and I found CO8 to be a great editing software but their information either as a search, forum or contact was/is awful.


      Thanks in advance,